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Employee Drug Testing


Employee Drug Testing

Employee drug testing – have become a very controversial topic amongst employers and employees.Employee drug testing and contest that their employers in an effort to downsize their businesses and cut jobs without violating employment protection laws issue company wide drug screens and use the test failures as an excuse to fire their employees.

The Employers refute this notion saying it is their right to insure that their employees are not utilizing illegal substances and protects their companies efficiency and also protects them from being held vicariously liable for the actions of their employees during the scope of their employment.

This controversial topic has led to an on-going battle between those who try to pass these company screens at any means possible. Those subject to the tests have taken a variety of herbal cleanses and detox masks and have met with varying degrees of success at passing their tests. Employers in response to this have begun instituting random screens so their employees would not be able to prepare for the screenings. Those being tested have resorted to acquiring synthetically made urine and carry it on their person so they are ready for these random tests whenever they may occur.

The battle between employee drug use and employer’s attempt to regulate their employers is one that continues to rage on today and with a simple search you can view the many different websites attempting to sell their own detox products to those individuals attempting to pass their drug tests.

At Pass My Drug Test &tm; we only carry the absolute best detox products in the industry to combat all types of drug tests, from random drug tests, to even blood drug tests. Depending on how long you have until your drug screening, and which type of test will determine if you can pass a drug test. Most employee drug testing kits consist of urine screening and therefore the best way to beat the drug test is to use our industry proven Supreme Klean™ Sythetic Urine. If you’re being watched during your drug screening then we recommend using our Detox Drinks, or for heavy users – one of the Permanent Detox Programs.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding your employee drug testing please feel free to call and one of our amazing specialist will help you.