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Alcohol And Substance Abuse

Alcohol And Substance Abuse

How to Pass Drug Test in 7 days- Alcohol And Substance Abuse

Alcohol And Substance Abuse – Drug testing is usually done to know the presence of specified drugs in the biological specimen. The specimen may be saliva, urine, hair follicle or blood. There are various ways in which you can pass a drug test. The older ways used some masking agents to hide the alcohol and substance abuse traces in the testing sample or drinking large quantities of water to flush out the toxins.


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Alcohol And Substance Abuse – The modern techniques of alcohol and drug testing have been revised to detect even minor traces of drugs and use of any masking agent. These modern methods potentially render the old methods of flushing out traces of alcohol and other drugs, useless. The best way to ensure that you are equipped against random drug testing is body detoxification.

Drug Testing in a Week

The method you choose to pass a drug test depends on the time left for the test. When you have a scheduled drug test in a week, then you should stop the intake of some drugs and medicines with even minor traces of drugs. The next step would be to detoxify the system and manage the withdrawal symptoms. SUPREME KLEAN 7 DAY BODY CLEANSER is the best option for detoxification if you have a week’s time. It is a completely safe product that eliminates the evidence of chronic alcohol and drug abuse from the body. The use of this cleanser will lead to long term results when the instructions are followed properly.

The detox procedure involves intake of two capsules with 24oz water three times a day. This process is to be followed for a period of one week before the alcohol and drug testing. You also need to increase water consumption as the toxins are flushed out through urine. You should also cut down on the intake of fatty foods as the drugs are fat soluble and can adhere to body fats. Proper methods would clear the body fluids of alcohol and drugs like cocaine, morphine and opiates. This ensures you pass any drug test, may it be urine, blood or hair testing.

Hair Follicle Drug Testing

Hair follicle testing for alcohol and substance abuse determines the drug use and the period of use. Use of SUPREME KLEAN ALOE RID cleanses the hair follicles of the traces of toxins. You just have to wash your hair with this shampoo for about a week before the day of test. Take 4 ounces of the shampoo for a single wash and repeat daily. The shampoo’s double action works in cleansing the scalp as well as conditioning the hair by an aloe Vera ingredient.

Random Drug Testing

Other than proving to be effective in scheduled drug testing, the these products also help against random drug testing. On an average, random drug testing procedures are performed at workplaces after some incident of alcohol and drug abuse by an employee. Once your body systems are cleansed of toxins, you can undergo a random drug test with surety of negative result.
Both the products also come with a money back guarantee if you are unsatisfied with the results.
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