How Do I Pass A Drug Test

How Do I Pass A Drug Test

Trust us. There are many people who are searching for information on how do I pass a drug test. However, for all of the helpful information you are likely to find on the Internet, there are also many urban myths that are ineffective. At worst, these methods can actually cause your test to falsely register positive for the presence of drugs. We’ve compiled a list of the top 5 urban myths about how do I pass a drug test.

1)      Secondhand smoke is not going to cause you to fail a drug test. The cut off levels of carcinogens and tobacco in cigarettes are purposefully set low to ensure that casual, secondhand smoke will not cause you to fail a drug test.

2)      When searching for how do I pass a drug test, you are likely to come across advice that tells you to stay away from poppy seeds, because they can cause your drug test to falsely register positive for the presence of drugs. The current SAMHSA recommended cutoff level used in the NIDA 5 test, which was raised from 300 mL to 2,000 mL in 1998 in order to avoid false positives from poppy seeds You would need to eat a whole loaf of poppy seed to register for even one day.

3)      Another common myth that many people come across is that adding bleach to your urine sample will nullify the sample. Bleach will cause the pH balance of your urine sample to be altered, but this will raise a red flag with the laboratory processing the sample. You will fail your drug test. Drinking bleach is not effective either. It can actually blind you and cause death in some instances.

4)      Taking aspirin before your drug test will mask the presence of THC in your urine by creating a false negative. However, it should be noted that this method is only effective with EMIT tests. It will not be effective for GC/MS tests. It may not be possible for you to find out which type of test will be administered beforehand.

5)      Finally, when it comes to researching how do I pass a drug test, despite what you might read, bleaching or dying your hair is not going to remove drug metabolites from your hair. This is because the inner core of your hair is actually what is being tested, rather than the outer cortex of your hair. In the case of a hair drug test, shaving your head will not allow you to avoid taking the test. Instead, a sample of your body hair will be taken for testing, and drug metabolites can actually stay in your body hair longer than in the hair that is on your scalp. If you need to pass a drug test, visit our website for a complete line of products to pass any kind of drug test.