Pass Urine Drug Test

Detox Products for Passing a Drug Test

Detox Products for Passing a Drug Test

Detox Products for Drug Test

At Pass My Drug Test, we understand how important it is to make sure you pass your drug test and work extremely hard on maintaining our reputation within the detox industry. We prefer to keep your business instead of making a sale and having an unsatisfied customer.
The importance of passing a drug test could be life or death for you, and we understand this. Just because you smoked pot last week doesn’t mean you should lose your job, lose your kids, or even go to jail.

There are many websites that sell detox products intended to be used to pass a drug test, some cheap detox agents, and some extremely pricey products. Many of these websites will sell multiple detox products for the same type of drug test. Most websites put up every detox product they get their hands on, and just assume the customer knows exactly which product works best for passing a drug test. This often leads to confusing the customer, and may even cause you to fail your drug test.

How do you know which detox drink works best for your situation when they sell multiple drinks that all claim to help you pass a drug test with the same generic description, and prices that range from as low as $20, and even as high as $70. Due to our extensive research, and huge customer base we have solved this problem for you and offer only one detox drink with a 500% money-back guarantee to pass your next drug test.

Another question that may come to mind when buying a detox product is “Are any of these detox agents even tested?” Buying products from an unreputable source whether it be a head shop, smoke shop, or even a website you found online does not mean that a product has undergone proper testing to ensure the absolute highest quality. This could lead to significant problems such as false positive drug testing results or even worse, a failed drug test.

Just a few months ago a detox product used for urine analysis drug testing, Quick Fix Synthetic Urine had been recalled due to false positives. Multiple batches of mass-produced synthetic urine has been considered faulty, and recalled for replacement with a delay of 6-8 weeks. For a product that they “claim” to be heavily tested, and then they end up having to recall more then 8 batches of bad synthetic urine is a serious trust issue. If you do have one of these products we recommend you checking the batch number against the following list of bad batches to ensure you don’t accidentally use the synthetic urine and fail to pass a drug test. The recalled batch numbers are the following: P5M-13, C052-12, C082-12, C084-12, C091-12, C092-12, C091-11, C0101-11.

Please Note: We don’t carry Quickfix Synthetix Urine and recommend using Ultra Klean™ Synthetic Urine to pass a urine analysis drug test. This product is backed by a 500% Manufacturer-Guaranteed Money-back Guarantee

Passing a drug test is a very serious problem for our customers and we understand this so we pride ourselves on helping every customer pass any drug test no matter what your situation may be. We specialize in helping people pass a drug test including the most feared tests of all – random drug testing.

If you have any questions please feel free to call us toll free at (800) 616-6257. Our expert customer service will answer your phone call at anytime to answer any drug testing questions you may have.