The urine drug test is the most popular form of drug testing. If you are up against a urine drug test your best form of detox and preparation for the drug test is drinking water and perspiring. Toxins are stored in your fatty tissues which is actually your skin. Especially for those with high toxin levels and THC users, drinking water, sweating and using one of the detox products below will let you pass a urine drug test.

Toxins in your fatty tissue is EXACTLY LIKE SOAP IN A SPONGE. Only pushing water through it will help you clean or lower your drug metabaloid count, making it easier to MASK whatever toxins are still in your system. Diuretics only make you urinate, giving you a FAILED urine sample result which is detected by the mineral gravity check they run on all samples. That’s why you must MASK the toxins that are left. How fast you get clean depends on your fatty tissue count, speed of your metabolism, strength and amount of toxins ingested and for how long the toxins were ingested.

Urine Drug Testing

Products to Pass a Urine Drug Test

Urine drug testing is a commonly used test by employers because it is inexpensive and has a fast turnaround time. These tests are used to determine if you are currently on drugs. Drug toxins may stay in your urine from a few hours to a few days based on what type of drug you used and the amount you used.
There are several products available that you can use to help you pass a drug test if you have recently used. These products must be used properly to help ensure you have the best chance at successfully passing a urine test.
Synthetic Urine
If you don’t want to go the route of flushing your system of drug toxins, you can use a synthetic urine replacement product. The Supreme Klean Synthetic Urine is formulated to mimic human urine and is a safe and effective way to help you pass a urinalysis test. With the use of the Supreme Klean urine kit, you have the complete kit for all you need to easily help you beat a urine test for drugs.
Detox Drinks  – Guaranteed drink to pass a drug test
The Supreme Klean Detox Drink works to remove toxins from your urine for approximately four hours, so you want to make sure you drink this close to when you are actually taking the drug test. To use this product, you shake it, then refill it with water 15 minutes later and drink that. Repeat this 2-3 times over 45 minutes and you will flush your system free of the drugs for the next four hours.
For the Supreme Klean Power Flush Detox Tea, this is made with 100% high quality natural herbs and works as a great detoxifying drink for light and moderate drug users. This tea highlights a fresh taste and has a 99% success rate at helping drug users get rid of toxins in their urine.
Detox Pills and Tablets
You may choose to use detox pills to help rid your urine of drug toxins and the 1 Hour Fast Flush Capsules or The Stuff Chewable tablets can both help you do this. The capsules must be used with water and taken at specific intervals to ensure their effectiveness. For an even easier way to detox your urine, the chewable tablet is a revolutionary product that works in 40 minutes and is effective for up to 5 hours.
FAQ about urine tests
Which product should I use to detox from drugs for my urine test?
All of these products can be effective for you when used properly. When choosing the product(s) that work best for you, consider how heavily you use drugs and the method you want to use to get rid of the toxins.
How long do I need to be clean to pass my urine test?
If you’re not using a urine drug detox product, it depends on the type and amount of drugs you used. If you use our detox products, you can get rid of the toxins in your urine regardless of what drug you used.

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