How to pass random drug test

How to pass random drug test

How to pass random drug test? By not doing drugs somebody would say, and he would possibly be wrong. For sometimes people may not pass a drug test even though they do not do drugs on account of OTC medication they may be under the impact of, or due to passive inhalation at a party where other people were doing drugs.

So how to pass random drug test? Of course not doing drugs is still the nest option, but we live in the real world, and its no body’s case that anybody who has ever done drugs is a drug addict. Still we know that drug testing is increasingly being used by employers, insurance companies and even schools; and a positive result can impact one’s life in a very negative manner, thereby making people agonise over the question, how to pass random drug test?

There are those who do things like substituting their urine samples in the case of a urine drug test with that of synthetic urine available in the market. Products like the Ultra Pure Unisex Synthetic Urine Kit come with a money back guarantee. However in a drug test that uses hair samples this kind of substitution is not possible. Over here what will work better is a detox shampoo like the well known Zydot Ultra Klean Hair Purifying Shampoo.

In the long run one can look at holistic measures like adopting a healthy lifestyle to permanently detoxify the body. A good fiber -rich diet, plenty of fluid intake and regular exercise will ensure that the body’s metabolism function operates at peak efficiency, and one is able to comprehensively detoxify the body. Needless to say the usage of drugs has to stop for this to work effectively. If one is successfully able to implement this regime and not go back to one’s old ways worrying about things like drug tests will become a thing of the past.

The whole drug testing regime is somewhat unfair in that it does not differentiate between those who are hard core users and those who might be occasional users. Besides the concept of free will is totally ignored. What one might do in one’s free time in a private space becomes somebody else’s business. However there are compelling reasons for doing the tests as well. Keeping a watch on young children’s health, reaching help to drug addicts, and ensuring that the work force of the country is a healthy and productive one perhaps necessities this kind of indiscriminate drug testing. This debate can go on, but so far as the question how to pass random drug test is concerned; the answer is not that difficult to obtain, as the above examples show.