How do you pass a hair drug test

How do you pass a hair drug test

How do you pass a hair drug test – If you put the question, how do you pass a hair drug test to me, I would have to say with a great deal of difficulty. The reason being that these tests are very efficient, and being able to detect drug usage that goes back months, perhaps years. That’s not all. It is easy to carry out, difficult to dodge and is increasingly the preferred mode of testing.
How do you pass a hair drug test? Well you are not going to pass it if you are going to use infantile tricks like shaving off the hair on your head. They will simply take the hair from other parts of your body. And if you did take the trouble of shaving off every single hair on your body, don’t you think the authorities would think that something is wrong?

You can pass a hair drug test, if no drug traces are found in the test. To achieve that you need to remove those traces from your body. If you were to do it naturally the body would take a certain amount of time depending upon the quantity of drug consumed and the body’s own rate of metabolism. The process can be hastened by eating a diet that includes a fair amount of fiber. That apart drinking plenty of water and exercising regularly helps as well. You could get further assistance b y consuming cranberry juice and lemons.

However if you don’t have the time to detox in time for the test, nothing would work as good as the Zydot Detox Shampoo. This detoxes your hair quickly and long enough for you to pass your hair drug test. So the answer to the question how do you pass a hair drug test is quite simple. By using detox shampoo. You can find more information and products on our home page,

You cannot use methods like substitution of the sample like you do in the case of a urine drug test, and willy nilly it will be your hair sample that will get used. No short term measures like masking or drinking lots of water to dilute the drug traces will work. It has to be detoxification of the drug traces, or the result will not come out clean.

Considering how pervasive hair drug testing is one should seriously consider giving up drugs. However if the test is upon you and you don’t have the time for that kind of action detox products like the one mentioned above will have to do. This kind of product is a lifeline to so many people who would otherwise be in danger of testing positive- and these people don’t even have to be regular users, as the test does not discriminate between regular and occasional users. To beat the test you need to have a healthy lifestyle and stop doing drugs. However in the meantime if for some reason you fear that you may not pass the test, there is help at hand in the shape of these detox products.