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best ways to pass a urine drug test marijuana

best ways to pass a urine drug test marijuana
best ways to pass a urine drug test marijuana – If you have urine drug test marijuana coming up, and you are alight user, you probably don’t have much to worry about. This is because marijuana does not stay in the system for a very long period of time. The outcome of your urine drug test marijuana depends upon when you last had marijuana and for how long you have been having it.

The best way to prepare for urine drug marijuana is to drink loads and loads of water. This will dilute the urine by flushing out the toxins. You can hasten the process by taking diuretics like Midol. Cranberry juice is said to help too. If your urine loses color due to the dilution taking Vitamin C will fix that. Also try to hand in the third urination of the day as sample. This will improve your chances of passing urine drug test marijuana.

Marijuana is probably the most widely used of drugs, and this is reflected by the fact that 50% of the positive outcomes of the urine drug test are on account of marijuana usage. The fact of course is that indiscriminate use of drug testing does not achieve much. For instance if somebody has caused an accident and low levels of marijuana traces are discovered in his or her test; the probability of that level of usage having caused impairment in the individual leading to the test is not scientifically established. If anything marijuana causes less impairment than alcohol consumption.

That being said urine drug test for marijuana is something that does cause stress in a lot of people. That is because so much is riding on the right outcome to the test. There is however no reason really to fret as commercially available detox products are able to save the day. Take the case of Ultra Klean Detox Drink that will not let the toxins make their way into your urine for a period up to 5 hours, enabling you to pass the test. If the test is unsupervised you could use commercially manufactured fake urine. The Ultra Pure Synthetic Urine kit is a fine example of this type of a product.

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If you have time on your side you could try and detox naturally. You need to first of all stop using marijuana. This should be followed by strict adherence to a high fiber diet, accompanied by drinking lots of water and regular exercise. What this is going to achieve is to make your body’s rate of metabolism function at peak efficiency thereby eliminating toxins from your body that much faster. Once you have managed to detox you might want to stay the course and maintain the same schedule. You won’t ever need to fear a drug test again.