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Passing A Marijuana Hair Drug Test


Passing a Marijuana Hair Drug Test

Passing A Marijuana Hair Drug Test is becoming increasingly popular amongst employers for a number of reasons. A hair drug test is most commonly used to screen for marijuana, but it can also be used to test for cocaine, opiates, amphetamines, and phencyclidine. In order to provide accurate results, approximately 40-50 hairs will be cut from your head, close to the scalp line of your crown, for testing. It is painless to provide a collection sample.

The Passing A Marijuana Hair Drug Test can detect the usage of drugs for a period of up to 90 days. The hair sample that you provide for the test must be at least 1.5 inches in length. Each ½ inch of the sample represents approximately 30 days. Laboratories only test the first 1.5 inches of new growth, so you do not have to worry about being tested for marijuana use over a long period of time.

Passing a Marijuana Hair Drug Test, it will take roughly 4-5 days from the time of your drug use for the affected hair to grow above your scalp. If you do not have hair on your head that can be tested, then body hair, from almost anywhere on your body, can be substituted. However, body hair growth rates are much slower than the hair on your head, and they cannot be utilized to determine a specific time frame for drug usage.

The chemical treatment of hair for Passing A Marijuana Hair Drug Test, such as hair dyes or chemical straighteners, will not affect the outcome of your hair drug test marijuana. Washing your hair only serves to remove external contaminants from the shaft of the hair. The protein matrix of the hair, which lies at the core of your hair beneath the shaft, is actually what is tested, and it cannot be affected by dyeing, bleaching, or permanent waving.

The hair drug test marijuana has become more popular than the standard urine test for a number of reasons. For example, it is considered to be more sanitary, and it is less invasive than other testing methods. Although hair drug test marijuana is more expensive than other testing methods, it is scientifically proven to be more accurate, and it will be difficult for the sample to be altered. It can also detect the use of marijuana for longer periods of time than other drug tests.
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