Ready to Pass a Hair Follicle Drug Test?


Drug tests for hair are the most used drug test by employers for their accuracy rates and the fact that they help them see your habitual drug use. Employers are growing more concerned with how habitually you use drugs over just if you have used drugs recently. This can be because they think drug use over time as a habit can have longer lasting effects on overall job performance, workplace safety, and liability chances.


What is the Hair Follicle Drug Test?

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A hair follicle test happens when samples of your hair are tested for the presence of drugs. During these drug tests, sections of the hair that are closest to the scalp are cut off. Once the hair is cut, it is then soaked in a chemical solution to dissolve masking agents that may be on your hair. Soaking the hair like this opens up your follicles to expose the inside layers. Drug toxins get trapped in the inner layers of your hair, which is why this is what gets tested to see if there are drugs present.

How long do drugs stay in your hair?

Drugs can stay in your hair for weeks to months. If you are a drug user and don’t ever cut your hair after you stop using, drugs can remain in your hair until you cut it.


How far back can the hair follicle test go to detect drug use?

For hair testing purposes, drugs can stay in your hair follicles for approximately 90 days. This is because the sample length required for a drug test is one and a half inches and your hair grows about a half inch each month. Therefore, a hair test can detect your drug use from three months ago.


While tests on hair can detect drug use for long periods of time, it takes about 7-10 days for substances to show up on a hair test. This is because the drugs travel into your blood and are transported into your hair follicles and this process can take several days.


What drugs can be detected in a hair drug test?

There are several drugs that can be detected in a hair follicle test for drugs. These include:


  • Amphetamines
  • Nicotine
  • Cocaine
  • PCP
  • Alcohol
  • Marijuana
  • Opiates

Some medications (prescriptions and over the counter) can give you a false positive on a hair test as well. A false positive occurs when a drug test detects illegal drugs when you haven’t used them. False positives can happen because drug tests are not smart enough to be able to tell the difference between illegal substances and prescription and over the count medications. These legal substances can mirror illegal ones, so you need to let the technician know if you’re on medications when you go for your test.


Can body hair be used for the hair follicle test?

Body hair can be used as samples in a hair test if you don’t have enough hair on your head for them to take. The minimum sample length of hair is a half inch, so if you have a buzz cut on your head, they can use your body hair if it is long enough. If you don’t want them to use your body hair, it is recommended that you shave your entire body so there isn’t enough for them to take.


Does body hair hold drug residue longer than head hair?

Remember, hair grows fairly slowly, averaging about a half inch per month on your head. Your body hair grows about the same rate as your head hair, but it generally stops growing at shorter lengths than your head hair.  This means that drug toxins can remain in your body hair longer when it comes to testing if you don’t ever shave. For example, if you never shaved your armpits, this hair could potentially show drug use from up to a year ago. It’s best to play it safe and get rid of your body hair right before your test so you give them as little to test as possible. It is important to shave just before your test because your hair starts to grow back within a few day and you run the risk of there being enough for them to test if you shave too far in advance.


What if I have no head or body hair?

If you have no hair, a hair test cannot be administered. Depending on the situation, this may raise suspicions with the technician, employer, or law enforcement, but it doesn’t change the fact that this type of drug test can’t be given to you. In this case, whoever is requiring the drug test may recommend your hair test be rescheduled or that a different type of drug test be administered.


Aloe Rid Detox Shampoo

Aloe Rid shampoo in the original form, was found to be very effective at helping drug users pass drug tests. It carried a high price tag though and also could be very drying and damaging for your hair. Macujo Aloe Rid was formulated using the same high quality ingredients as the original Aloe Rid; however, the Macujo version is even better. This shampoo has a higher content of propylene glycol to increase the strength and effectiveness. Another main difference between the original and Macujo aloe rid is the price. Macujo detox shampoo is cheaper than the original aloe rid shampoo, which makes it more accessible to more people. You get more shampoo for your money because the Macujo shampoo is a larger 6oz bottle size.


For Macujo Aloe Rid shampoo to work best, it has to be used as given in the instructions. It also should be used with the Macujo Method to make sure you are actually detoxing your hair fully from drugs. There is a newer version Aloe Rid out, but it won’t work with Macujo Method. You must use the old style aloe rid shampoo for this method to do what it is supposed to do.


The Macujo Method

Using Macujo Method will help you pass a drug test on hair if you follow the directions properly. This method involves washing your hair with the potent Macujo aloe rid detoxifying shampoo, as well as using a series of specifically designed steps to get rid of drugs from hair successfully. Thousands of people have used this method and have successfully passed drug tests. The promising reason to use this method is because it’s designed to work for all drug users. It will work for you whether you are an occasional or heavy user and will work on any type of drug. The method uses potent products and has been tested for years to make sure that it can work for all users when used properly.


The Macujo Method Instructions

It cannot be said enough; you MUST follow the instructions of this method properly to get it to work for you like it should. You may be tempted to just use the detox shampoo without the method, but using Macujo method along with your shampoo is the surest way to help you pass your hair follicle drug test.


How to perform Macujo Method:


  • First, you need to stop using drugs. This can be the hardest part because it may be difficult for you to have to stop using drugs before your test.
  • For step two, you will wet your hair using warm water. You want your hair to be damp, but not dripping wet.
  • Next you massage Heinz vinegar into the hair and scalp very thoroughly.
  • For step four, you need to make sure you have a Salicylic acid shampoo like Clean and Clear Pink at 2% Salicylic acid or Neutrogena T/Sal at 3% Salicylic acid. You will massage the shampoo into your hair and scalp thoroughly.
  • Once the above is done, you will put on a shower cap and leave it for about thirty minutes. The warmth from wearing the shower cap lets the mixture continue being absorbed into the hair, while keeping the hair out of your way so you can carry on with other things.
  • You will then wash your hair with Aloe Rid Shampoo (old style shampoo) until the water runs completely clean.
  • For the last step, you need to wash your hair again but use Tide liquid detergent. Caution: Be very careful with this step. Laundry detergent shouldn’t ever come in contact with your eyes. If the detergent gets into your eyes, make sure you rinse them thoroughly.

You can repeat these steps until you feel like you have cleaned your hair enough to pass the drug test. Again, although it may be an annoyance or difficult choice to make to stop using drugs for this process, if you continue to use drugs while you use this method, you will not be able to clean your hair to pass a drug test.


Tricks That Won’t Help You Pass a Hair Follicle Drug Test

At home remedies

Most at-home remedies won’t help you pass your hair test unless you have lots of time. This is because hair grows so slowly. If you don’t have weeks or months before you have to take your test, it is best for you to go with a strong detox shampoo and method to make sure you quickly can get the drugs out of your follicles. Things like drinking excessive amounts of water, just letting your hair grow naturally, or washing your hair lots of times with regular shampoo simply are not enough to remove drug metabolites from hair.

Being untruthful about your drug use amount

If you are a heavy drug user, admit that to yourself. Heavy and occasional users have different needs when it comes to Macujo Method use. While this method does work for all users, the amount of times you need to repeat it varies based on your drug use. Heavy users need to repeat it more times than light users, so make sure you are honest with how heavily you use. This will help you pass your test in the long run.

Hair tests are accurate and common and you should be prepared with the right options to beat them. Regardless of whether your hair test is random or scheduled, you can use Macujo Aloe Rid and the Macujo Method to help you pass. Using drugs doesn’t mean you will automatically fail a drug test, you just need to know what to expect and how to overcome it.